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The Cove is a gated community of nearly 300 houses and townhouses designed for active seniors 55 or older. The Cove is located on the southern outskirts of the city of Tucson, Arizona. (Interstate 10 - Exit 270)

The Cove was officially established in 1995 to provide a housing alternative for residents of the Voyager RV Park, which is next to The Cove.  The early Cove residents wanted to continue their relationship with the Voyager while moving to more permanent housing than was available in the Voyager. Thus, the Cove was established as a part of the Voyager, with residents participating in activities and volunteering at the Voyager. In 2006 The Cove homeowners assumed management responsibilities and elected a Board of Directors.  The Cove has a contractual agreement with The Voyager which allows The Cove residents access to all the amenities of the Voyager. 

The Cove is a serene, secure, friendly community for active seniors.  Access to the Voyager amenities provides the facilities of a fine holiday resort. Most of the original residents of the Cove came from The Voyager and shared the RV lifestyle experience. The advantage of the association with The Voyager is access to the extensive facilities and varied activities of that much larger community. 

The Voyager facilities include fitness room, large indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, volleyball, pool tables, and a table tennis facility.  Additionally the Voyager has well equipped woodworking, stained glass, glass fusion, ceramic and lapidary shops plus a quilting room and hobby room. Classes in each shop provide residents the opportunity to develop skill to participate under volunteer supervision.   Visit the Voyager website to see these facilities at VoyagerRV.com.

During the winter and spring The Voyager Activity Department organizes a continuous round of weekly entertainment at very reasonable prices.

The Cove shares services for security with The Voyager, and may share other services in the future if mutually advantageous to reducing costs. The Cove has no common buildings in which to hold meetings or social activities, of which there are many. The Cove depends on the close relationship with The Voyager for these facilities. To provide similar structures in The Cove would involve a large outlay of funds.

The Cove community is unique in that it provides a choice in terms of living arrangements, while maintaining the friendly atmosphere of the RV community from which it originated. The amenities and outstanding reputation of The Voyager as one of the most highly rated RV resorts in the country are significant assets to The Cove homeowner and represent an appreciable value. 

Because of these advantages, the Board of The Cove Homeowners Association intends to continue and encourage this relationship with The Voyager.


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